Dead Cool Halloween Is Here!

Dead Cool Halloween is organized by ValentinaEvangelista and there is a small but awesome group od designers there. It runs now through October 31. My stuff is shown below which you can go get here.


My Black Market Things

This is my stuff for this round of FTLO Black Market. I decided on vintage prints in bright colors for most of it. I have 1 exclusive that will only be available at Black Market ever and the rest will be released at full price later after the round is over. Grab them here.

Finally Some New Stuff!

It’s been a while since I’ve released anything. Issue after issue after issue really held me back, but I’m back!

First I have 2 new releases at my main store and Cookie Jar Location.


Next I have some stuff at The Wash Cart Sale. Everything is L$10 or less and also you need to walk around and see what everyone has set out 😀


And last I’m in the Swimming Pool Blues Hunt. This is a L$5 hunt and is at my main store location only.

Gatcha Time!!

I’m in the Summer by the Sea Gatcha Festival along with some really talented creators that runs from July 1st through July 7th. I think everything is transfer only, so you can trade extras or send them to your friends. Come play and go broke! rofl

Your Ride to the Summer by the Sea Gatcha Festival

And here are my items. They are all 100% MESH, so be sure you are using a mesh enabled viewer.

New Hunt Items

This month I’m in 4 hunts. I am in Return of the Sideshow Freaks, The Accessories Hunt, Cookie Jar 1 Year Anniversary Hunt and Cuddle Buddy Hunt.

ok first Sideshow Freaks Hunt. This is 1/2 mesh. The chair is sculpted, table is 100% mesh and lamp is 99% mesh.

Next is 1 Year Anniversary Hunt. This is a L$1 hunt to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Cookie Jar.

Next is Cuddle Buddy. The theme for this is security blankets and since I don’t really have one, I made this instead LOL. 100% non-rigged mesh attachment with a pose I made that works with your AO except for when you walk. That I don’t know how to do yet.

And finally Accessories Hunt. I wanted to do something a little different, so I made another posture collar, but this time in mesh. I think I may be addicted to making mesh rofl. Anywho, this is 100% non-rigged mesh and my very first mesh accessory. There wasn’t room in the ad for it, but it is resizable via menu.

 You can grab all 4 at my main store only. Oh and shadows not included rofl. TP here

Newness and Stuff! \o/

I’m in For The Love Of Black Market. It’s my first one and I am super excited! \o/

I made my mesh plates is an exclusive color and the other stuff will be in my store after June 1st.

You can buy them here.—-> Limo To Black Market

I’m in the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event, which runs until May 28, 2012. I made a mesh patio set in an exclusive color and it’s only available until May 28th then it’s gone for good.

All the info is on the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping Blog.

It is for sale only at my main store.—-> Limo to Little House of Curios