Designer Spotlight & Black Friday Weekend Sale!!

The Cookie Jar is having a Black Friday weekend sale. A few stores are participating, including myself. I’m also in this round of The Designer Spotlight too! Here are a couple pictures. You can TP to see everything and go to the shops that are participating in the sale around the sims by clicking………….HERE

Here is the list of stores participating. Click the names to TP to each one.

BagLady Designs


Butterflies TM


Loves Enchantment

MIchigans Shack PG


Soul Effects

~:{Little House of Curios}:~

The Strawberry Box

And here are a couple pics of what I have in the spotlight.


I Got Blogged xD

This is someone blogging the Sour Pickles Hunt and blogged my gift along with others. Ima hunt for more too rofl. It makes me excited to see that! xD

I Have New Stuff!

ok I’ve been a bit busy lately working on a bunch of new crap rofl! I released some accessories I made a while back, I have 2 hunt gifts to show off and some more new stuff.

First is my newest furniture set. I wanted tacky coolness so I found this way cute sculpt set then decided hey it needs a lamp table, so I made the sculpts rofl.

Next are 3 accessories. One is a set of flats in fall colors. The next is v2.0 of my posture collar with OpenCollar. The 3rd is a facial piercing I made a while back.

The last few are next rofl. I made a new pose set and “Pixie Sticks”.

AND Last but not least I’m in 2 hunts, Very Important Hunters Hunt sponsored by Sour Pickles and coming up in a couple days, the House & Garden Traditional Christmas Hunt sponsored by The Cookie Jar.