Sad Day In The Turtle World :(

Last night (August 7, 2011) we got a note card letting us know we will soon no longer be able to get support for the turtles and the Rovees have been disabled. Unfortunately the creators were being stolen from and they have lost the unbeatable battle. Soon there will be statue boxes and we can turn our turtles to statues. I of course will be putting mine in the humping position rofl. Turtles were the second breedable pet I got involved with and have stuck with for nearly 2 years and are the only I have stuck with this whole time. I did the turtle breeding purely for the joy, not to make any L off of. I hardly made anything and I don’t care. I hope to be able to reach that 2 years, but I won’t get my hopes up too high. I have removed all my vendors, am no longer selling eggs and am trading most of my eggs. Nothing compared to those little turts. They really were my favorite and always will be.

Here is one of my favorite pictures. It’s called “Grassy Ass Miss Aries xD”