Contest & Hunts!!!

I am in a contest and hunts! xD

I made 2 vintage art windows exclusively for the Cookie Jar contest AND they are on SALE for just L$50 EACH!! They are only available at my shop location at The Cookie Jar.

The contest is running for the week of July 29, 2011.

You can vote on the blog here!!

Teleport to buy them here!!

Here is a pic!


I’m in the This One Time At The fair hunt until July 31st.

Beginning August 1st I’m in the Karaoke Say What hunt.

Beginning July 30th I’m in the Melting in the Summer Sun hunt.

These are at my main shop only which you can get to by clicking here!


Here are the pics!!


Totally Sent The Lil Bish a Message rofl

  • If my stuff was so “terrible” would I have constant customers, good sales and be in the destination guide? No. Don’t think so. So try maybe actually LOGGING ON second life before writing a retarted comment k? By the way I have one of those A.I. pets. They’re “terrible”.

Poeople Suck Sometimes :/

I got a negative comment on the destination guide grrrr. As if she’d know what looks good right? I bet she says that crap about a lot of people. Pisses me off really. No I don’t care about her name being there either. Normally I’d delete the last name but screw her.


Nette Santiago commented on Second Life.
small store filled with item will call “terrible”….

Sneak away to this small, cute store filled with items that will peak your curiosity. The Little House of Curios features a diverse selection of home and garden items, avatar accessories and even apparel.

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So I was looking at my greeter to see how many visitors I’ve had so far today and LOOK!!! I’m all about protecting people’s privacy so I put little boxes over last names. Well cept for one! …..and mine rofl. What a week! First I get in the destination guide, then i’m in my first hunt ever (the Sour Pickles This One Time At The Fair Hunt – Blog link to the right) then Torley Linden visits my store!! HOLY CRAP right? LOL Of COURSE i wasn’t online yet lmfao. Super exciting for real.